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Clogged Toilets, Blocked Drains and other Gurgles and Aromas

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- Full Jet Blasting Equipment

- CCTV Camera and Monitor

- Pipe Locating Equipment

- Full Pipe Patching Equipment

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When you have a sewer drain blockage you want a plumbing company there fast.  We give drain plumbing problems our highest priority.  If you call us before 12pm we offer same day service from a qualified drain plumber.  If you call us after 12pm, we will ensure we get to you before 12pm the next day or sooner if there is any way for us to get there.

  • Stage 1

    Stage 1

    150mm Boundary Shaft at Main Junction
  • Stage 2

    Stage 2

    14m Pipe Run Down to Boundary Shaft
  • Job Completed

    Job Completed

    Job Completed

We provide no obligation pricing for all of our work before we begin.  There is no call out fee for drain works or other plumbing problems in our designated service area.  We will give you a full assessment of your drain problem and we will either clear the blockage on the day or arrange for fully-guaranteed drain repairs.

Be wary of other plumbing and drain companies claiming to offer a cheap deal to clear your drain. No drain problem, even a minor one, is going to be fixed for $39, $69 or even $99. Most of these are basic offers for plunging a sink or toilet, something you have probably already tried yourself, or for the use of hand rods that are next to useless for clearing even small blockages.

Here's how Good Neighbour Plumbing works:

  1. We know drain problems and the unpleasantness that goes with them are no picnic. When you call us with a toilet or drain problem we'll give your call the highest priority.
  2. If we can, we'll advise you on what you can do to at least reduce the urgency of the problem until we arrive.
  3. We won't quote you any come on deals or low ball prices. We'll send one of our drain experts along with his jet blaster, camera, pipe locator and other necessary tools to properly diagnose the blocked drain problem.
  4. He'll have a good look around at no charge to you and he'll tell you what the problem is and how much it will cost to fix it before he begins any work.
  5. If possible, he'll give you a range of options so you can pick the one that fits your budget.
  6. After that, the drain repairs we perform are guaranteed against defects in our workmanship or the materials we supply.
  • Absorption Trench

    Absorption Trench

    Absorption Trench
  • Pit Excavation

    Pit Excavation

    Pit Excavation
  • Septic Tank

    Septic Tank

    Septic Tank

The most expensive and important plumbing item in your home isn't the dishwasher or the toilet or the taps, it's the extensive pipework underneath that delivers your daily waste away from your home. Trust its upkeep and repair to someone who knows drains and will work with you to find the solution that fits your home and your budget.

Call Good Neighbour Plumbing at 9651 4884 for a reliable and honest assessment.


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