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Blocked Sewer Shaft in Pymble

Blocked Sewer Shaft in Pymble
Blocked Sewer Shaft in Pymble

Customer called with a blocked sewer drain in Pymble.  We attempted to jet blast the line and performed a CCTV camera inspection and found a broken sewer shaft caused by tree roots.

We replaced the boundary shaft in the driveway by removing the necessary pavers, excavating down to the base of the sewer shaft by hand, cutting out the old earthenware pipe and replacing with new 100mm PVC plumbing pipe.  We also raised a new inspection opening for future jet blasting.  We tested all works, backfilled the hole, removed the old pipe and other rubbish from site and replaced all pavers.

This customer referred us to a friend (who had a gas bayonet installed) and received a complimentary fruit basket.  They have also called us for additional works (a water leak in the front yard).

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