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Storm Water Drain Blockage in Carlingford

Storm Water Drain Blockage in Carlingford
Storm Water Drain Blockage in Carlingford

Sometimes it’s pretty easy to work out what is wrong with a storm water line.

Look at this 10 metre root we pulled out of a storm water line in Carlingford!  The customer had a lot of water backing up into his garage and it is easy to see why.  We first had to cut an access hole in a section of the storm water plumbing pipe near the garage since there were no visible inspection openings in the line.  We did this by using our CCTV camera and pipe locating equipment to pinpoint the location of the root blockage in the storm water line.  We then jet blasted the line at the location of the blockage. We also jet blasted from the street up to the blockage and we were then able to pull out the roots once they had been cut free from the storm water pipe. We resealed the existing storm water pipe as the customer elected not to replace the pipe fully.

Categories: Projects, Storm Water