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Water Leak Caused From Moving Ground

Water Leak Caused From Moving Ground
Water Leak Caused From Moving Ground
This is a classic water leak repair to the 20mm main water line running to the house from the water meter in Castle Hill.This customer rang us to say that he has discovered a wet patch of ground near his water meter.  We investigated and found the ground to be very wet and the water meter leak detector was spinning rapidly.  We use specialised nitrogen leak detecting equipment to locate the leak which was 600mm deep.  We hand excavated the area and found the pipe almost cracked in half most likely due to shifting of the ground as no rocks or roots were present.

We cut out the bad section of pipe and used our weldless pressfit tool to insert a new section of pipe.  We tested the new section and found no leaks so we filled in the hole, cleaned up and took note of the water metre reading so that we could provide the customer with a Plumber’s Statement to reclaim some of the cost of the lost water from Sydney Water.

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