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Boundary Trap Destroyed by Tree Roots 1.9m Deep

Boundary Trap Destroyed by Tree Roots 1.9m Deep
Boundary Trap Destroyed by Tree Roots 1.9m Deep
This customer in Carlingford rang us with an on-going drain problem. After jet blasting and performing our complimentary camera inspection we located a large root blockage at the base of the 150mm boundary shaft.Because of the location of the boundary shaft we had to excavate this job by hand. The final depth of the hole was 1.9 metres deep.  A hole that depth is no fun to dig, but it is what we do every day.  After excavating the hole, we tore out the old earthenware drain pipe, created a new PVC connection point at the Sydney Water main sewer line and then installed new 150mm and 100mm PVC plumbing drain pipe and connected it to the existing plumbing drain pipe coming from the house.  We backfilled the hole taking care to compact the fill as we went along and then replaced the pavers. We removed all the old earthenware drain pipe, rocks and roots, gave everything a good hose-down and left the site looking clean and tidy.

If you have a slow moving drain, give Good Neighbour Plumbing a call and we can sort out any drain or plumbing problem you might have.

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