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Storm Water Drainage Upgrade from 90mm to 100mm

Storm Water Drainage Upgrade from 90mm to 100mm
Storm Water Drainage Upgrade from 90mm to 100mm

This customer purchased a home in Toongabbie that was in serious need of a makeover.

This home is being completely renovated by the customer for her daughter.  As part of the works, we provided a clean out and inspection of the sewer system and a completely new storm water system connected to the kerb & gutter at the street.  This work involved digging 45 metres of trenching, providing down pipe connections at three corners of the house.  We used 100mm PVC plumbing pipe instead of 90mm PVC to allow for better flow during larger downpours.

A unique feature of this system is that a portion of it is “charged”.  This means that some water remains in a small length of the pipe because it is below the level of the outlet of the storm water at the street.  This was necessary because a small part of the property is lower than street level.  Had we designed the system with the typical slope (or fall) a part of the piping would have been above ground level.  That is never a good look.  However, by raising up the inlets to a level higher than the street, the pressure of rain water entering the pipe will force the water out of the low point of the pipe and into the street as required to eliminate flooding on the property.

We also provided this customer with a much larger bin than we needed to help with some of the other clean up on the site and we used the excavator to remove some trees and rubbish from the property when it wasn’t needed for the trench work.

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