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Plumbing Companies and What Not To Do

Plumbing Companies and What Not To Do
Plumbing Companies and What Not To Do
If this was done by the homeowner, they could be forgiven for having a go to save a few bucks.  It’s lousy plumbing, but we’ve had a go at a few things over the years that didn’t quite go to plan.  The problem is, this was done by a “professional” plumber!

It would be impossible to name everything that is wrong with this plumbing work in a short blog post. But to name a few, you don’t use a plumb quick (the black thing with the pipe clamps) to join a basin trap to the drain line. You don’t use 12 fittings when 3 will do. You don’t smear PVC glue all over everything.  The trap and vertical pipe are meant to be plumb (that’s why it’s called plumbing). You don’t leave the holes for the water lines unsealed. And you don’t install water fittings without fixing them to a solid piece of timber unless you are dying for a bad case of water hammer.

This set up was clanging and leaking so badly it prompted the customer to ring us to see what we could do. Unfortunatley, they have issues with the cabinetry as well and that has to come out before we can fix up this mess. Stay tuned for the "after" photos.

If you've been burned by bad plumbing practices or you've gotten yourself in over your head, give Good Neighbour Plumbing a call at 9651 4884 and we can sort you out.

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