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Boundary Trap Blockage No Match

Boundary Trap Blockage No Match
Boundary Trap Blockage No Match
Boundary Trap Blockage No Match
Boundary Trap Blockage No Match
This customer had lived with drain blockages for years, but other plumbers weren’t interested in the hassle of digging up the footpath and road to fix the real problems.Once roots get into a sewer pipe, they never go away.  The roots continue to grow in the pipe until eventually they completely block the pipe or break the pipe causing a collapse.  On this job, we found a major root blockage just above the connection to the Sydney Water sewer main. This required excavation of the deep connection underneath the roadbed and another five metres of trench work through the footpath and back to the customer’s boundary shaft.

We installed all new PVC plumbing pipe and provided the customer with a new inspection opening, boundary shaft, deep connection and gully.  Jobs like this require approval from Council and a thorough review of all Dial Before You Dig documents to ensure we don’t cut through any other services whilst doing the repair.  We also have to make allowances for the safe movement of pedestrians during the work.  This job took two days to complete.  A lot of plumbers steer clear of this sort of work, but it’s what we do every day at Good Neighbour Plumbing.

Categories: Sewer