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In Ground First Flush Device Installation

In Ground First Flush Device Installation
In Ground First Flush Device Installation
In Ground First Flush Device Installation
This customer in Beecroft required the installation of a first flush device to meet council requirements.Many homeowners are installing rainwater tanks to save money and help the environment. What many may not know is that most councils have specific requirements on the size of the tanks and the configuration of the piping going to the tanks.

Most councils recommend, and some require, the installation of a first flush device before the storm water piping reaches the storage tank. A first flush device diverts the first water flowing down the pipe during a rain event away from the tank to ensure dirt and other debris does not flow into the tank.

There are various types of first flush devices. For smaller applications a simple device attached to the down pipe of the gutter will divert enough water to ensure only clean water flow to the tank. However, these are only suited to small roof areas and are a bit unsightly.

In the case of this job, there were several downpipes servicing a very large roof area. The best option was to install an in-ground device on the main line heading to the tank. This device works by filling a large PVC cylinder that has an inlet and outlet pipe of smaller diameter. As the cylinder fills with rainwater, a ball inside floats up and blocks the inlet pipe once the cylinder is full. Water is then diverted around the cylinder and to the storage tank. A valve on the outlet pipe of the diverter allows a small amount of water to flow into a stormwater pit and on to an absorption pit where it is released back into the groundwater. The stormwater pit allows the outlet pipe to be cleaned of debris from time to time.

All that is needed is a suitable slope to the property and enough area to fit the device. The size of the device is determined by the amount of surface area of the roof.

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