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New Connection To Sewer Main

New Connection To Sewer Main

A second opinion can make all the difference

Customer received what they believed to be an exorbitant quote for sewer works.  We attended and inspected the sewer connection to the Sydney Water main.  We determined that the works being proposed were not necessary, the previous quote did not include the works required to replace the main junction which was broken and the customer had been provided with bogus paperwork that was supposed to give them a rebate from Sydney Water.

Our quote was several thousand dollars less than the original quote.  We excavated down to the area of root damage and uncovered the Sydney main junction which Sydney Water replaced at no charge to the customer.  We renewed the customer's sewer piping from their boundary shaft to the main junction.  We handled all of the coordination with Sydney Water for the junction replacement and returned the site it its original condition.

The customer was grateful for the significant savings and relieved to know that there are still honest tradies operating in Sydney.

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