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Gas Plumbing Repair for Hard to Find Leak

Gas Plumbing Repair for Hard to Find Leak
Gas Plumbing Repair for Hard to Find Leak
Gas Plumbing Repair for Hard to Find Leak
Gas Plumbing Repair for Hard to Find Leak

Commercial customer noticed intermittent gas leak on property.

This commercial customer noticed a smell of gas near the kitchen from time to time. After testing the instantaneous gas hot water system and performing a bubble test on all visible joints, the leak was still not found. Next, we used specialist locating equipment to find the position of the buried sections of gas pipe and to pinpoint the source of the leak.

We found the leak on a section of old galvanised gas drain line (before the widespread introduction of natural gas, gas supplies often had small amounts of moisture present. This moisture would accumulate in the gas lines over time and had to be released via a drain pipe and valve).

As the drain line was no longer necessary we were able to bypass this section of pipe and cut the main galvanised pipe at both ends and feed a new section of nylon gas pipe through the old pipe instead of excavating a 650mm deep trench. This saved considerable time and money.

To get the nylon pipe through the old pipe we used our vacuum truck to suck through a hauling rope which we tied to the end of the pipe. This allowed us to push and pull the pipe to ensure it did not get stuck.

As we were only able to have the gas off for a maximum of two hours it was critical that everything was set and ready to go. We had the certification, experience, equipment and manpower to get the job done quickly and without any mistakes or leaks.

If you have a gas leak of any size, give Good Neighbour Plumbing a call and we can get the leak repaired quickly and safely.

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